Game Concept Art Design


Learning Objectives

Obtain Illustration & Concept Art Skill-Sets

Core mastery of skill-sets to create illustrations and concept art

Character Design Concept Art Practicals

Learn to do concept art for Character design and creatures/boss design

Learn 2D Art Design Softwares

Latest 2D art skills in the industry and proficiency in 2D software/hardware like Photoshop and tablets etc.

What Is Concept Design?

Concept Design aka Entertainment design is one of the industry’s newest fields, as well as one of the fastest rising fields. According to a California-based entertainment company, entertainment design was created in response to “the rise of computer graphics and digital technologies in recent years.” Entertainment Design incorporates elements of all areas of animation as well as character design, film design, graphic design, motion graphic design, transportation design, user interface design, and product design. 

A power-packed one day workshop consisting of informative details on character design and creature/boss design for the game itself. Topics covered includes the silhouetting, thumbnail designs, color schemes and choices and leading to simple rendering and digital painting of the characters and creatures in the game IP.

Experience and live demonstrations will also be shown to students to enhance their learning process, aid in creative process on successful and relevant design philosophy on practical designs suited for later production such as 3d modelling and so on.

Target Audience

PMETs including artists, designers and animators who are absolute beginners to Game Concept Art Design. Basic Art knowledge, digital tools, labs and drawing/painting skills.

*Participants are recommended to bring a laptop with the trial version of Photoshop installed.

Addressed Skill & Capability Gaps

Digital art is highly sought after and learning how to use these tools and software will nurture and build up the young prodigies in art as it is used in all entertainment and advertising media such as games, film, animation, books and comics. The combined industry of artists and digital art itself is worth billions of dollars in the market, get an early head start for your child to become well versed with Digital Art!

Our Esteemed Trainer

Kris Lee Kian Teck

Adjunct Lecturer in SP, School of Design

Founder of Pixel Quest Academy

Lead Design in ArcLab, Game-based learning company

Former Associate Game Producer in gumi Asia, commercial mobile games company

BFA in Art, Design and Media, NTU, major in Interactive Media

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Course Duration:

1 Day - 8 hours (9.00am - 6.00pm)

Course Fee:

Normal Participant – SGD 360.00

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