DEep learning & artificial intelligence For Absolute Beginners

Data Science

Learning Objectives

Hands-On Experience using Deep Learning

Able to program using Keras to create artificial neural network (ANN) to solve problems.

Understand how it works

Understand the principles behind how artificial neural network works such as back propagation.

Using Datasets

Familiarize with the process of importing datasets available online.

Familiarize with Linux

Basic operations in Linux OS to use Deep Learning Libraries.

Work with Images

Use convolutional neural network using Keras to work with images.

What is Deep Learning?

Machine learning is at the heart of making machines intelligent today. Machine learning techniques isn’t new, it has been used by scientists for decades. However, some things have changed recently.
There is an explosion of computing power and data. Processors are getting increasingly powerful and the information revolution has created a large pool of data. These two developments have enabled a branch of machine learning to achieve amazing capabilities. This branch of machine learning is called, deep learning.
This one-day course is aimed at absolute beginners to artificial intelligence. Participants will implement Al that will be able to discern handwriting, identify objects and recognize places.

How is this different?

Deep learning (DL) is often  used in software and other innovative products. It injects intelligence to this product.
However, the technical barrier to learning DL is immense.  You need to learn the library as well as to understand the mechanics of the DL algorithm. This course is designed specifically for beginners, enabling them to overcome this barrier and start exploiting this new technology.

Target Audience

PMETs including engineers,  technicians, programmers who are absolute beginners to artificial intelligence.  Participants must have basic programming concepts. Participants are required to bring a Windows 10/7 laptop with VM-ware Virtual box installed.

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Course Fee:

Full Course fee : $360.00

E2i subsidized course fee: $240.00 (Applicable for Singaporean and Singapore PR only)

UTAP Subsidy: 50% of unfunded course fee – to be claim by the participant within 6 months upon completion of courses.

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