Apprentice Level 1

Apprentice level 1

Apprentice Level 1 (1 Day)

Target Audience:

  • Beginners and non-technical participants
  • End-users of Robotics and Automation technologies without Engineering background
  • Consultants, policy makers, educators and people who wish to understand Robotics and Automation technologies
  • People who intend to continue pursuing higher level robotics courses provided by RACE

NOTE: This course will bridge to high level courses provided by RACE which will ultimately equip participants with strong skillset for different fields in Robotics and Automation

Course Structure

Automation Robotics Digital Technology Industry 4.0
Motivation for Automation (S11) Robotics vs Automation (S15) Internet of Things (S19) What is Industry 4.0 (S113)
Types of Automation (S12) Types of Robots (S16) Machine Learning (S110) Why Industry 4.0 (S114)
Skills needed in Automation (S13) Robot Operating System (S17) Rise of Deep Learning (S111) Designing a hypothetical Industry 4.0 Solution (S115)
Managing Fear of Automation (S14) Industrial Robots (S18) Big Data (S112)  

Learning Objectives

  • To provide the participants with a better understanding of each component of industry 4.0
  • To give the participants a complete picture of industry 4.0, covering topics such as augmented reality and simulation
  • This course focuses more thoroughly on each component or specialization.(E.g. Nature and strength of each of the technologies. Explanation of how the combination of technologies could give a superior automation solution in the form of industry 4.0

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