Apprentice Level 2


Apprentice Level 2 (2 Days)

Who Should Attend

  • The apprentice level 2 program is specially designed for managers or supervisors in charge of robotic Robotics & Automation components as part of minor or non-core deliverables.
  • Participants without any prior working experience in Robotics & Automation-related fields

Course Structure

Automation Robotics
Motors (S21) Research and Development Level Robotics (S24)
Motor Drives (S22) Industrial Robots (S24)
Motion Controller (S23)
Hands-On Hands-On
Motor Sizing Software (P21) Universal Robots Programming (P24)
Motor Tuning (P22)

Learning Objectives

  • To have the ability to understand the characteristics & technical specifications of the key components of Robotics & Automation technologies
  • To be able to select the appropriate components to match task requirement
  • To be able to install/uninstall and troubleshoot the key components of Robotics & Automation systems
  • To understand the key components of Factory of the Future
  • To be more knowledge-centric in selecting the appropriate components to match task requirement
  • To have theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience on automation by covering each components that makes up an automation system. There is a focus on motion control components, namely motor, servo drive, encoder and motion controller
  • To give audience an idea of the Linux operating system and Robot Operating System (ROS) which is mainly used in the development of new robots
  • To have a hands-on familiarity on industrial robot, specifically the Universal Robot manipulators

Expected Outcomes of the Engagement

The ability:

  • Understand what is a motion control system and how it is used in automation
  • Know what are the different parts of a motion control system
  • Able to confidently choose the correct type and size of motor for a given application
  • Understand the different operating principle of encoders
  • Choose the correct type of encoder for a given application
  • Able to tune a PID controller with intuition on what each parameter does
  • Have some familiarity of motion control system and what programming it involves
  • Understand the ROS framework more deeply
  • Differentiate the nature of robots in the industry and those in R&D and academia
  • Gain familiarity on programming an industrial robot, specifically the UR robot
  • Gain hands-on familiarity for very basic setup ROS and hence having a feel for the framework
Supported by e2i
Date 25th January 2018 to 26th January 2018
Venue RACE Academy
505 Yishun Industrial Park A, Level 2, PBA Building Singapore 768733
Time 2 Full-Day Training comprising of 16 hours training and practical syllabus (9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.)
Registration Closing Date
Course Outline More information
Course Fee Normal Participant – SGD740.00
e2i subsidy (Applicable to Singaporean and Singapore PR only) – SGD500.00
Member Price (PPP,SPETA,SIMM,SLA,SMF) – SGD475.00

SkillsFuture Credit eligible
(*For all Singaporeans aged 25 and above): $500

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