Introduction to Rhinoceros 3D CAD modelling software


Learning Objectives

Rhinoceros 3D Software Basics

Familiarize participants with the basics of Rhinoceros 3D software

Learn How To Construct Simple Designs Using Rhinoceros 3D

Through hands-on practice, participants will be able to construct simple forms of provided designs and their own designs

Rhinoceros 3D Tools That Can Be Used To Contrsuct Forms

Understand how forms can be constructed using different tools

Turn Your 2D Drawings Into 3D Using Rhinoceros 3D

Be able to work from 2D drawings and translate them into 3-dimensional forms in Rhinoceros 3D

Why Learn Rhinoceros 3D?

Rhinoceros 3D is one of the lower-priced and accessible 3D CAD modelling software for hobbyists as well as professional designers. With the growth of 3D printing, it has become more necessary for users to also grasp the fundamentals of operating a 3D software program that allows them to create and/or manipulate 3D models.

It is used in design of products and spaces in various scales: from jewellery to architecture. This course will introduce participants to the range of 3D CAD modelling possibilities with Rhinoceros.

Then participants will be able to acquire the basics of the Rhinoceros 3D workspace, tools and form-building methods to create simple forms.

Topics covered: Orientation with the Rhinoceros work space and toolbars. Beginning with simple forms with commonly used tools such as primitives, curves, loft, sweep, extrude, fillet. Working from drawings to build up forms and creating orthographic drawings from 3D models.

Target Audience

Hobbyists / individual innovators developing products across various areas such as jewellery, consumer electronics, home and personal accessories, sports and recreation etc.

Start-ups in the area of IoT / smart devices

* Participants are required to bring a laptop installed with an internet browser and 30-day trial version of Rhinoceros 3D downloaded and installed.

Addressed Skill & Capability Gaps

Many individuals and teams interested in 3D printing are unaware and unequipped with basic skills in creating 3D models or modifying 3D models to their own needs. The course seeks to give them some basic skills in this area.

With more individual innovators in Singapore, and small startups in the area of IoT or smart devices, there is a need to be able to create 3D models of the products with an easy to learn and versatile 3D CAD program.

Our Esteemed Trainer

Parimala Saviraj

Founder of Form & Intent 

Designer & Project Manager at Detekt Design

Founder of Form & Intent, providing design consultancy services to startups and other companies in the private sector.

Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, at the School of Art, Design and Media, teaching courses in product design, sketching and model-making.

Designer and Project Manager at Detekt Design, an international design consultancy. Based in Taiwan and later in Thailand, her roles were in leading and executing the product analysis, concept design and project management.

8 years of experience working in projects from idea to research, design and manufacturing. The products have been developed across various industries such as medical, recreation, consumer electronics and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design, 2010, Nanyang Technological University

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