Innformation Technology

Learning Objectives

Learn Basic ASP.NET MVC Based Web Applications

Acquire the basics of ASP.NET MVC & learn to create your own professional web application

Learn how to Build Web API with ASP.NET MVC

Learn to create RESTful services with Web API


A few years ago, when the Internet of Things (IoT) was in its early stage, only a small number of companies were exploring IoT development. Today, people are more interested in IoT based project; some build their own IoT devices to use at their manufacturing industry or home. Thousands of businesses have used Microsoft ASP.NET to build professional, dynamic websites and web applications.

The main objective of this course is to provide an understanding about ASP .NET MVC and WEB API. Also covers all major language features including LINQ, Entity Framework and ADO.NET. At the end of the course we are providing a mini project, so students will get a complete knowledge of creating an interactive real-world web application (IOT based).

Target Audience

Anyone who has basic programming knowledge

Why Learn ASP.NET MVC and WEB API?

ASP.NET has been used for building web application in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, ASP.NET started to roll out ASP.NET WEB API with MVC architectural design. ASP.NET MVC framework is highly- testable, separation concept and lightweight framework. Also, Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud computing platform for creating enterprises applications for IoT users.

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Full Course fee : $240.00

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