duAro Robot

duAro robot

The “duAro” Dual-arm SCARA Robot by Kawasaki Robotics:

A Brand-new Offering that Realizes the Concept of an innovative Dual-arm SCARA Robot

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Robot Description

duAro Robot Features:

Coexistent operations with people

Low-power motors and a speed-reducing function helps the duAro robot to coexist with people in customers’ work operations. Also, in the event of a collision with people and other object, the collision detection function will help to make the duAro’s movement stop promptly.

*In order to reduce risk, customers shall, at their own responsibility, establish and implement a risk assessment to coexist with people in customers’ work operations before and during use of the duAro.

Saves space

The “duAro” dual-arm robot, with its two coaxial arms controlled by a single controller, can fit into a single-person space. The coaxial dual-arm configuration makes it possible to perform coordinated movement, which has been impossible for even two SCARA robots, in addition to dual-arm operations.

Ease of introduction

The wheeled base on which the arms are placed accommodates the controller. This enables the user to move the duAro robot together with its base to any location desired.

Ease in teaching operation

Direct teaching by holding the robot’s arms allows the user to easily teach the duAro robot the movements required of them.

Various options

Teaching operations can be conveyed via tablet or teaching pendant, both of which can be connected to multiple robots. A vision system and standard gripper options are also available.