Past Event – Human-Robot Collaboration and Robot Safety Training

Human-Robot Collaboration an Robot Safety Training

2 Days Symposium/Workshop

Training Topics: Requirements for the Safe Use of Robots | Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Date: 13 – 14 July 2017 (Thurs & Fri)

Time: 9:00 – 16:30 Hours

Registration Deadline: 7 July 2017

Course Fee

For PPP and IHL Partners Only $100.00 *Limited Seats left*

For Singaporean/SPR Only

Pay only SGD450.00 Per Participant (Subsidized course fee by e2i)

For All Others

SGD1500.00 Per Participant (Full Course Fee Applies)

**Please note that the deadline for registration is 7 July 2017

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Our Trainer

Christoph Pratter

Pilz GmbH & Co.KG

Since 2014 Team member Consulting – Robot Safety

  • Risk assessment ISO 12100
  • Validation ISO 10218-2, TS15066
  • CE-marking of HRC applications

Since 2013 Consulting and Services

  • Risk assessment ISO 12100
  • CE-marking of machines

2008 – 2013 Technical Support

  • PILZ Emergency Stop Devices (PNOZ X / PNOZsigma / PNOZelog/…)
  • PILZ PNOZmulti
  • PILZ Sensors
  • PILZ PAScal
  • Pilz Monitoring Devices

Safe Human-Robot Collaboration


The closer man and machine can work together, the more efficient work practices become. In this way, you can combine the capabilities of people and the advantages of robots like their strength, stamina and speed. The new type of robot – what are known as cobots – allow humans and robots to share the same working space at the same time. A safety fence is no longer needed. This type of collaboration increasingly requires new technologies and solutions.

What conditions need to be met to ensure injury-free interaction between man and machine? How is the CE marking conformity assessment procedure carried out? We will show you what you need to take into account when evaluating an HRC (human-robot collaboration) application and which measures you need to implement.

Target groups

  • Design engineering managers, technical engineering managers, design engineers
  • Robot system integrators
  • Safety officers
  • Project engineers in production units

Benefits to you

  • Increase the efficiency of the work processes by implementing safe human-robot collaboration.
  • Learn about the use of relevant standards for your projects
  • Optimise your knowledge about the procedure to be followed as part of the risk assessment of robot systems.

Requirements for the Safe Use of Robots


The aim is to give the participants an understanding of the basic robot safety requirements. The seminar covers, amongst other things, the assessment of risks in connection with the use of robot systems as the risks here are different from those on conventional machines.We show you the typical measures for reducing risks.

Benefits to you

  • Learn the correct application and implementation of relevant standards and directives.
  • Reduce the complexity of safety solutions in order to raise productivity.
  • Assess your existing plants in terms of safety at the robots.

Target groups

  • Technical personnel who are responsible for maintaining the conformity of robot systems, including machinery designers
  • Robot system integrators
  • Maintenance staff
  • Safety officers
  • Project engineers in production units

Feedback and Testimonials

Mr. Francis Ong –
Compliance Applications with EU DIRECTIVES.. ability to co-relate to local ACP, SS and relevant regulations..
Enhancing my EHS skills into another area like Cobot”..
Concluded that course provides room to expand scopes for Safety professionals.. and…
Looking forward to the next escalating level to empower one to become a Safety Professional in Cobot..

Mr. Abhijit Kulkarni –
Topics are good.. gives an inkling to understand Robotics standards, collision measurement techniques which is very unique and helpful..
Provides an insight to adopt methods to follow during Risk Assessment and validation of robot safety..
Concluded that .. looking forward to the next level training course as current one helps to improve and gain knowledge about HRC..

Mr. Tan Chit Tee –
“Our trainer Mr. Jochen Vetter is very knowledgeable and made the course very interesting..
liked the real application exemplifications that he shared most during the session..
Am in the exploring stage at the moment but will like to further have indepth study in future..”

Mr. Lawrence Choo –
Favorite topic cited.. “HRC !!!’’ .. Enable me to apply robotics safety in cargo handling on vessels..
Will recommend this course to others as found that Safety planning can eliminate injury at production phase..
Looking forward to.. continuing and upgrading to next level of course”

Mr. Yeo Kian Tiong –
Loves PILZ’s HRC safety validation and verification due to its practicality application in the real world where robots will be deployed..
Further added that.. “the presented concepts/skills will be relevant to my organization if we are going to automate our processes and work closely with robots.. this will help in defining the safety aspects when deploying robots”..

Mr. Mageswaran –
Found indulgence in .. “Human robot collaboration safety consideration.. as we are deploying few HRC in production..
The topics are relevant as we have actual application development in HRC”..
Will recommend others to sign up for this course as agreed that it will be good for his Safety Officer to be equipped with this knowledge for upcoming application..

Mr. Chien Koh Wei –
Enjoyed especially on.. the explanation about COBOT..
And found that it was good preparation for new knowledge in his current business pertaining to machinery safety..