How I became a Robotics Application Engineer through RACE – James Lin

How I became a Robotics Application Engineer through RACE – James Lin

A few weeks ago, as part of our Attach-and-Train Programme robot training, our partner SICK Sensors conducted Machine Vision and Robot Guidance training for our current batches of talents. Amongst the trainers was James Lin, an alumni from the second batch of ANT. After the 3-months training with RACE, he was attached to SICK and subsequently, was converted to a permanent role to be an Application Engineer with SICK Sensors machine vision and camera sensors. He shared with the class on his thoughts on the Programme. 

James conducting the Machine Vision training

What made you join RACE? 

” Prior to joining RACE, I have had several experience with Robotics and Automation back in Polytechnic and University. Back in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I was part of Worldskills (Industrial Control) where I designed and installed an electrical circuit, did PLC programming, and used appropriate components to ultimately achieve a desired system operation. I, then went to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) where I studied Engineering Product Development, specialising in Electrical Engineering, and had the opportunity to do various autonomous/semi-autonomous robot and IoT projects. 

With all of the theoretical and technical knowledge that I have acquired, I joined RACE to learn more about the industry from industry practitioners as I seek to build a career in Robotics & Automation. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

“The biggest takeaway is the idea that it is possible to start anew as seen by the fact that many of my fellow trainees have successfully transitioned their career into Robotics & Automation despite being new to the field. Being in the RACE programme also allowed me to be exposed to the different aspects of the industry. I enjoyed being able to get hands-on with these technologies, with exposure to different brands of robot and Cobot arms, direct drive technology and machine vision.The biggest take away was understanding in depth and being exposed to the different aspects of the R&A industry. I enjoyed being able to get hands-on with these technologies, with exposure to different brands of robot and cobot arms, Direct Drive Technology and machine vision, which is what I’m doing now at SICK. 

How has RACE’s training helped you and which parts of RACE’s training was helpful? 

“It is very inspiring and reassuring, seeing fellow trainees successfully switched careers. One great example is a fellow trainee called Joseph Yap who at age 53, took the plunge to switch industries by joining the programme and is now a project manager with PBA Group’s KAZE Autonomous Mobile Robots.

RACE’s training exposed to various aspects of R&A which allowed me to get into machine vision. 


Photo of James (in yellow) with the ANT2 Talents

Any advice for those graduating from training or who wish to apply to this programme?

 “I would suggest everyone to keep an open mind. When I first joined the programme, I wasn’t even sure what aspect of the Robotics & Automation industry I will like to be involved in. Eventually, after learning more about the different career options available, I decided to be an application engineer at SICK. 

 How exactly did RACE contribute to your attachment / eventual employment outcome?

” The breadth of topics that RACE covers gave me better insights to the technologies and RACE’s network of partners allowed employers to reach out to talents like me easier, which was how I became attached to sensor solution company SICK during the programme’s attachment phase and subsequently started work there as an application engineer for vision and software. 

Contributing to the R&A Ecosystem

We loved how our Alumni is coming back to teach the latest batches on Robotics and contribute back to the Robotics and Automation (R&A) ecosystem. Chin Hui, also shared a few words on the programme. Glad to see the talents from different batches interacting with each other, just flowing out so naturally. A great testament to the effort that we put in to build this ecosystem for all deserving talents and talent seekers! RACE is happy to provide a platform that enables this growth.

" With RACE’s curriculum, it enabled James to adapt and relate much faster as we are focusing a lot in machine builders”
Chin Hui

Head of Product Management, SICK Sensor Intelligence
James with his colleagues at SICK.
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