Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

Data Science

Learning Objectives

Utilise Machine Learning Libraries

Learn how to program using machine learning libraries on real-world data sets.

Understand Machine Learning Algorithms

Understand at a conceptual and mathematical level how machine learning algorithm works.

Understand Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning

Know the difference between supervised and unsupervised ML

Thoroughly Understand Deep Net Strcutures

Understand at a deep level different deep net stuctures like CNN, RNN, LSTM, ResNet & etc.

Ultilise Pytorch for implementation

To be able to implement those deep net structures using Pytorch

Ultilise A.I in solutions

To be able to implement those deep net structures using Pytorch

Why Learn Machine Learning?

The machine learning market is projected to be worth USD8.81b by 20221. Many giant tech companies today have put machine learning at the forefront of their product development including Google, Nvidia and Intel. Also, from the virtual personal assistant on our handphone, to facial recognition in Facebook ML is extending to every part of lives.

It is therefore advantageous to acquire capabilities in machine learning. However learning ML has often been seen as daunting due to the technical complexity involved in understanding and implementing the algorithms. This course aims to elucidate ML by presenting a comprehensive syllabus with emphasis on covering theoretical depth to enable effective hands-on implementations of these algorithms to solve problems.

Target Audience

  1. Engineers
  2. Technicians
  3. Programmers

* Must have basic programming and secondary school level of mathematical skills.

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Supported by :

Skillsfuture Singapore

Course Duration :

4 Days - 8 hours (9.00am - 6.00pm)

Course Fee

Normal Participant – SGD 1440.00

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