Sketching & Drawing Basics for Design IDeation


Learning Objectives

Uncover your sketching/drawing potential

Bring out participants' innate abilities in sketching / drawing

Basic Sketching Exercises to Improve Basics

Build on current skill levels through exposure to simple sketching exercises and confidence-building exercises

Types of Sketches & Drawings

Understand the various types of sketches and drawings and their purposes

Sketching & Drawing in the Innovation Process

Understand how sketching / drawing complements and supports a holistic design / innovation process

Implementation of Sketching & Drawing in Daily Work to Improve Hard Skills

Allow participants to use sketching / drawing in their daily work to improve the quality of their ideation and communication

Use Of Sketching & Drawing in Design Ideation

Communicating ideas through sketches and drawings are an integral part of creative ideation and collaboration. Regardless of the increasing use of technology in design workflows, sketching remains a crucial skill for designers and collaborating partners to freely brainstorm and increase the potential of creativity without limitations imposed by more rigid computerized ideation tools.

The course covers the fundamentals of drawing for ideation and communication of ideas to others. Through hands-on drawing exercises, participants will get feedback on their drawing skills and gain the confidence that is necessary for effective design ideation and communication of ideas.

Topics covered: Sketching media, basics of line, viewpoint and shading. Conveying 3-dimensional form, drawing conventions such as orthographic drawings and perspective. Common sketching practices (e.g. using underlays), understanding a vocabulary of forms, moodboards. Drawing for ideation vs. drawing for accuracy is discussed.

Target Audience

Junior designers seeking to improve their sketching and drawing abilities

Members of product development teams focused on developing 3-dimensional products or spaces

*Participants are required to bring a laptop installed with an internet browser, a notebook of at least A4 size, and a range of drawing stationery such as pencils and pens

Addressed Skill & Capability Gaps

Proficient sketching skills is a capability that many product development firms seek in employees, as it has great advantages in early-stage visualization of concepts and in communicating concepts with teams and clients, at the early stages of product development. However, it is lacking in many innovation teams as faster technological tools have replaced traditional workflows based in hand-skills and practise.

Sketching, while very accessible to people, also has a stigma attached to it, with many people fearing to express themselves through drawing. Confident self-expression through sketching and sharing ideas is a skill that participants of any background can take away with them from this course. The skills of ideation and communication can be applied in any team-work scenario.

Our Esteemed Trainer

Parimala Saviraj

Founder of Form & Intent 

Designer & Project Manager at Detekt Design

Founder of Form & Intent, providing design consultancy services to startups and other companies in the private sector.

Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, at the School of Art, Design and Media, teaching courses in product design, sketching and model-making.

Designer and Project Manager at Detekt Design, an international design consultancy. Based in Taiwan and later in Thailand, her roles were in leading and executing the product analysis, concept design and project management.

8 years of experience working in projects from idea to research, design and manufacturing. The products have been developed across various industries such as medical, recreation, consumer electronics and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design, 2010, Nanyang Technological University

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Course Duration:

1 Day - 8 hours (9.00am - 6.00pm)

Course Fee:

Normal Participant – SGD 360.00

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