Design Thinking & Process in product development


Learning Objectives

Breakdown of the Design Thinking Process

Familiarize with the design thinking process, and how each step relates to the others.

Appropriate Application of Design Thinking in Product Development

Understand the value-add of design thinking at various stages of developing a product..

Design Thinking Tools & Methods

Understand some of the common tools and methods for carrying design thinking

First-Hand Experience in Design Thinking

Be able to plan a design thinking process for your own product or service

Use of Design Thinking in Product Development

Design thinking encompasses methods and mindsets used by designers to create products that are innovative, relevant to users and fulfil business needs.

Design thinking tools are also increasingly being harnessed by non-designers in private and public sectors, to innovate and improve products, services and workflows.

This one-day course provides an overview of the design process as commonly practised in the design of products, covering areas of consideration from ideation to manufacturing:

Idea -> Research -> Defining the brief -> Concept design -> Prototyping & testing -> Reiteration of any steps -> Engineering -> Manufacturing.

Case study examples of development of mechanical products and electronics integrated products will be covered. Commonly faced challenges in product development will be discussed. Participants will be able to learn through in-class activities for key steps of the design thinking process.

Target Audience

Product designers with less than 3 years experience or are transitioning into varied roles such as research, project management etc.

Startup founders who are keen to practice design thinking or engage designers to lead design thinking in their startups.

Employees in organizations who have been assigned roles in intrapreneurship.

Managers in product development exploring new tools to create greater value in their organizations.

Participants are required to bring a laptop installed with an internet browser.

Addressed Skill & Capability Gaps

Designers often work in specialized areas, and do not get a full picture of the product design process. The programme will allow them to gain knowledge more holistically of product development, which will allow them to work more seamlessly with other departments in their organization.

For non-designers, the programme will provide them with foundational knowledge of design thinking and equip them with awareness of tools and processes that they can immediately implement to create value in their occupations.

Our Esteemed Trainer

Parimala Saviraj

Founder of Form & Intent 

Designer & Project Manager at Detekt Design

Founder of Form & Intent, providing design consultancy services to startups and other companies in the private sector.

Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, at the School of Art, Design and Media, teaching courses in product design, sketching and model-making.

Designer and Project Manager at Detekt Design, an international design consultancy. Based in Taiwan and later in Thailand, her roles were in leading and executing the product analysis, concept design and project management.

8 years of experience working in projects from idea to research, design and manufacturing. The products have been developed across various industries such as medical, recreation, consumer electronics and more.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design, 2010, Nanyang Technological University

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Course Duration:

1 Day - 8 hours (9.00am - 6.00pm)

Course Fee:

Normal Participant – SGD 360.00

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