Apprentice LEvel 2

Robotics & Automation

About the Course

This 2 day course delves deeply into the concept of “Factory of the Future”, weaving together hands on activities with training to equip technically trained participants with the fundamentals necessary to enable such an outcome using a chosen Robotic technology. Choose between the General Robotics and Precision Robotics track.  

Learning Objectives

Dive in deeper into Industry 4.0

The Apprentice 2 course continues from Apprentice 1 with hands-on skills to be an industry 4.0 ready professional.

Factory of the Future

To understand the key components of Factory of the Future

Appropriate Task Requirement Component Matching

To be more knowledge-centric in selecting the appropriate components to match task requirement

First Hand Experience with Automation Systems

To have a hands-on familiarity on collaborative robots such as Universal Robot and PBA-Hanwha HCR

Troubleshooting in Robotics & Automation

To be able to install/uninstall and troubleshoot the key components of Robotics & Automation systems

What are Apprentice 1 and 2 for?

Choose between the two tracks 

General Robotics

A technology will be chosen from below (not exhaustive)

1. Robotic Programming Languages

2. Collaborative Robots

3. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

4. Machine Vision

5. Robotic End Effectors

6. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

7. Additive Manufacturing

Precision Robotics 

A technology will be chosen from below (not exhaustive)

1. Essential Mechanical Components 

2. Motion Control

3. Direct Drive Technologies

4. Programmable Logic Controllers

Target Audience

Engineering trained participants who wish to learn and apply Robotic technologies.

End users of R & A technologies who wish to better scope, adopt and maintain Robotic solutions

People who intend to pursue RACE’s higher level robotics courses , which this course bridges to

Course Structure

Automation Robotics Hands-On
Motors (S21)
Research and Development Robotics (S24)
Motor Sizing Software (P21)
Motor Drives (S22)
Industrial Robots (S24)
Motor Tuning (P22)
Motion Controller (S23)
PBA Cobot Programming (P24)

Course dates

Date Description
4-5 Aug 2020
Apprentice 2: General Robotics for Engineers
6-7 Aug 2020
Apprentice 2: Precision Robotics for Engineers

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Course Fee

Normal Participant – SGD740.00

e2i subsidy (Applicable to Singaporean and Singapore PR only) – SGD500.00

Course Venue

Robotics Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE)

505 Yishun Industrial Park A, PBA Building, 

Singapore 768733

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