Apprentice LEvel 2

Robotics & Automation

Learning Objectives

Continuation from Apprentice Level 1

The apprentice 2 course continues from the Apprentice 1 by starting on the hard skills to be an industry 4.0 ready professional.

Understand the important concepts of Robotics & Automation Technolgies

To have the ability to understand the characteristics & technical specifications of the key components of Robotics & Automation technologies. There is a focus on motion control components, namely motor, servo drive, encoder and motion controller.

Appropriate Task Requirement Component Matching

To be more knowledge-centric in selecting the appropriate components to match task requirement

Factory of the Future

To understand the key components of Factory of the Future

First Hand Experience with Automation Systems

To have a hands-on familiarity on industrial robot, specifically the Universal Robot manipulators

Troubleshooting in Robotics & Automation

To be able to install/uninstall and troubleshoot the key components of Robotics & Automation systems

Linux Operating Systems & Robot Operating Systems (ROS)

To give audience an idea of the Linux operating system and Robot Operating System (ROS) which is mainly used in the development of new robots

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what is a motion control system and how it is used in automation
  2. Know what are the different parts of a motion control system
  3. Able to confidently choose the correct type and size of motor for a given application
  4. Understand the different operating principle of encoders
  5. Choose the correct type of encoder for a given application
  6. Able to tune a PID controller with intuition on what each parameter does
  7. Have some familiarity of motion control system and what programming it involves
  8. Understand the ROS framework more deeply
  9. Differentiate the nature of robots in the industry and those in R&D and academia
  10. Gain familiarity on programming an industrial robot, specifically the UR robot
  11. Gain hands-on familiarity for very basic setup ROS and hence having a feel for the framework

What are Apprentice 1 and 2 for?

Course Structure

Automation Robotics Hands-On
Motors (S21) Research and Development Robotics (S24) Motor Sizing Software (P21)
Motor Drives (S22) Industrial Robots (S24) Motor Tuning (P22)
Motion Controller (S23) PBA Cobot Programming (P24)

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Normal Participant – SGD740.00

e2i subsidy (Applicable to Singaporean and Singapore PR only) – SGD500.00

SkillsFuture Credit eligible (*For all Singaporeans aged 25 and above): $500

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