Program with c# and create a motion control application

Innformation Technology

Learning Objectives

Acquire an intermediate level of skill in C#

Acquire an intermediate level of skill in C# programming including the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

Learn Multithreading

Understand the process of multi threading so as not to block the main thread.

Serialization & Deserialization

Perform serialization / deserialization to save data.

Learn how to use a Motion Controller Library

Use a motion controller library to create a program that moves an industrial motor.

Create a Graphical User Interface

Learn how create an intuitive and user friendly graphical user interface.

Why Learn C# ?

C# is a great programming language for motion control as many of the API libraries for motion control hardware is written for .NET languages and therefore can be programmed using C#. Also, we can create many types of software with C# from web applications and webservices to desktop applications and games. Finally, the .NET ecosystem is immense, if you need a cloud solution the’s Microsoft Azure, if you want a database there’s MSSQL to non-sql types that mostly has drivers that allows them to be used in C#.

If you want to know in a more generalized point on view why C# is attractive, watch this interesting presentation by Mads Torgersen:


Programming has become an essential skill in the modern economy. In the manufacturing sector, there is movement towards automation which involves the integration of machines and robots to automate tasks.

Furthermore, in the movement towards Industry 4.0 these machines will have to communicate with the cloud and artificial intelligence making decisions to optimize the systems. The common denominator in all these developments is programming. Besides immediate benefits, programming will be a large part of the formula to reskill workers to pre-empt the new economy.

This 2 days course will cover the absolute basics of programming using the C# programming language to a level of competency to effectively apply to the industry.

How is it different?

A differentiation factor in this course is that it’s industry-focused.

At the final part of this course, participants apply their skills to create a Windows application to move a high performance linear motor. This course also enables participants to take up more advanced courses that require programming capability such as the “Image Processing for Absolute Beginners” and “Deep Learning and Al for absolute Beginners” courses.

Target Audience

Anyone who would like to learn how to program and would prefer to do so within an industrial context.

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Course Fee:

Full Course fee : $720.00

E2i subsidized course fee: $480.00 (Applicable for Singaporean and Singapore PR only)

UTAP Subsidy: 50% of unfunded course fee – to be claim by the participant within 6 months upon completion of courses.

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