Device Safety Hazards in Manufacturing and Industrial Robotics


Course Objectives

Strong Understanding of Safety Methodologies

Equipping participants with the knowledge of manufacturing and robotics hazards and imparting the skills of safety device usage in order to safeguard machines

Industrial Grade Sensors

Safety devices used are industrial grade SICK sensors which is rugged and has various IP rating that can be integrated directly into your manufacturing line

Practical Hands-on Experience

In order to be competent in the industry, theoretical level of understanding is insufficient. This course therefore familiarizes participants with hands-on activities whilst using safety devices in the form of actual sensors used in the industry.

Topics Covered

Here’s an example of topics that would be covered during this safety course. 

Target Audience

  1. Post-retrenched workers looking for a switch in career from a non-safety hazard environment to one which specifies Safety as top priority especially in the manufacturing sector
  2. Enthusiasts who will be keen to learn and adopt R&A Work Safety practices and habits in place of just commonly practiced Work Safety guidelines which is of utmost concern in the current workplace and as advocated by MOM and BCA Singapore while having the ability to identify machine hazards
  3. Work Safety Personnel who wants to have a deeper understanding and embracing the importance of basic workplace safety while getting endorsement and certification from a renowned Safety equipment OEM

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Course Duration :

2 days

Course Fee :

Normal Participant – SGD550.00
e2i subsidy (Applicable to Singaporean and Singapore PR only) – SGD430.00

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